First Mission for Pilots N Paws

On Saturday, June 27th, 2009, Hound Dog One took to the skies for its very first mission as part of the Pilots N Paws organization. The website is intended to be a meeting place for those that rescue, shelter, or foster animals, and pilots or plane owners willing to assist with the transportation of animals.

As luck would have it, our first transport was a Basset Hound! His name is Kroozer and he's 12. Unfortunately, Kroozer has terminal cancer and is VERY afraid of thunderstorms. He was living in Fort Lauderdale and the Basset Rescue of Florida wanted to get him moved to a location that has few thunderstorms. A family in Pottstown, PA adopted him and that is how this transport got organized.

Yesterday, Kroozer was flown by Tim Johnson of Miami from Fort Lauderdale, FL to Jacksonville, FL where Kim and I picked him up. Once again, we found out the Bassets do love to fly! :-) We flew Kroozer up to Whiteville, NC where we were met by Marty Hutto of Chesapeake, VA. Kroozer is being fostered for 2 nights in Virginia Beach and will continue on to his new home in PA on Monday morning.

Enjoy the slide show below!

Hound Dog One Pilot

Mission #5

Wow! Congratulations to CBHR and Hound Dog One on the 5th mission of the year!

Yesterday, Hound Dog One took to the skies to deliver Snooper from his foster home in Charleston, SC to his new forever home in Lawndale, NC via the airport in Lincolnton, NC. Snooper was being fostered by The Johnson's and was adopted by The Pearson's.

It was a reunion of sorts for Snooper as he was pulled for a shelter in Lincolnton. The good news was that he was returning to the area to live with a great family that adores him. Ray Pearson broke down on the ramp at the airport, hugging his wife, as Snooper came over to say hello. Such a touching day this was and I have to say thank you to all of those involved in this transport....Bonnie, Jerry, Karen, Missy, and "Hound Handler", Meghan, who accompanied me in the plane.

We also had a reported present up arrival and have been featured in the Lincoln Times News. Click here for the story.

Hound Dog One Pilot

Mission #4

Back on May 30, 2009, Hound Dog One flew Sammie from Charleston, SC to Greenville Spartenburg, SC. This mission was a foster-to-foster transfer.

Kim was the "Hound Handler" on this mission and Sammie took to the skies like a pro. Enjoy the slideshow below!

Hound Dog One Pilot

Snooper Transport

On Thursday, June 25, Hound Dog One returns to the sky. Snooper is getting the VIP treatment on a nonstop flight from Charleston, SC to Lincolnton, NC. He has been fostered by Missy Johnson (Thanks, Missy!) and is being adopted by The Pearson Family of Lawndale, NC.

This is an interesting twist of fate as Snooper was pulled from a shelter in Lincolnton as an unwanted dog and he is returning to Lincolnton with the honor of a forever home with a loving new family!

Hopefully we'll get some media attention as a press release has been sent out. I want to thank (in advance) those volunteers that are making this mission possible:

Meghan Werkman (HD1 Hound Handler)

Missy Johnson (Charleston, SC Foster Mom)

Jerry Bange (CBHR Volunteer to meet us in Lincolnton, NC...also did the Pearson's home visit)

Karen Ness (CBHR Volunteer to meet us in Lincolnton, NC)

Bonnie Thorpe (CBHR's Adoption Coordinator)

Hound Dog One Pilot